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pixelville; The day is brand new. The simulated sky is filled with clouds. You wake up from sleep mode and find a pocket communicator clipped on your waist. It's definitely high-tech. It tells you the current weather, lets you send text messages, doubles as a phone device and even tells time! (How bout that.) When opened, a holographic screen and keyboard appear over it-- this is how you post your thoughts and it serves other purposes that are currently a mystery to you.

Aside from the device, it takes you a moment to understand where you are. You look around and note that you're in a fairly normal bedroom with a television, an Xbox 360, a PlayStation 3 and a Wii. You most likely have no idea what those are currently, but in any case.

You walk to your window and behold a marvelously colorful-- and entirely unusual-- city. The architecture is completely random, and the hills beyond the city are dotted with loop-de-loops and cliffs. You can sense strange magic at work, but of a type you cannot determine. As you behold this grand and intimidating sight, your TV turns on without warning. A blond man wearing a white coat stands at his desk.

"Greetings," he says in a brisque voice. "Welcome to Pixelville." He pauses and places his hands together. "If you are viewing this video, it means you are a new arrival. I have compiled your data and placed you here as a character to play The Battlegame." He arched an eyebrow onscreen. "It is not your place to question why you have been chosen, or how you can 'escape'. I assure you, wherever you came from is not suffering your absence. You are merely a data copy." The enigmatic speaker zooms out and his name is shown on the desk. "My name is Luther Lansfeld. I am the CEO of Sphere Company, which built the game you are currently inside." Luther smirks. "You are not alone in this simulation. Various other data copies are added on a regular basis, as their profiles become available. It is alongside them that you will play the Battlegame.

"You are now wondering what the Battlegame is. Put simply, it is an experiment. Pixelville is free for you to explore, but there will be many missions for you and others to complete within it. Dungeons, treasures, fantastic monsters of all sizes await finding. Some parts may be sealed until such a time we decide to allow you passage. Some monsters may kill you or wound you because you are too weak to defeat them yet. In the chance you are killed in Pixelville, you will lose a life. You all begin with five; use them up and you will be required to pay a fee to continue playing. The fee is not optional." The CEO sighs and leans back in his armchair. "Meals and things are served in the cafeteria of the Digital Dormitories, which is where you currently are. Whatever abilities you possess, be it magic or inhuman strength or even flying..." He looks deep in thought and says quietly, "They do not work in the Digital Dormitories. Outside the Dorm, you are in control of them completely. You will find however, that you cannot destroy the buildings, nor will flying away lead you anywhere. If you seek a friend or companion, you may send a text to the Tower, which watches over pixelville. My digital counterpart himself resides there, and he will relay the request to our programmers, who will do their best to compile the person's data.

"As luxurious and accomodating as I am, I am very busy; I have not afforded room for defiance or refusal to follow the Battlegame. If you fail to complete a mission or interact with the town each week, an Exe will be dispatched to visit, regardless of where you hide." Luther places his hands together and says, "What is an Exe? It is a program designed to keep the Battlegame running smoothly. You will find their motivational methods are less friendly but highly functional."

Luther smirks coldly and says, "The rest of this world is for you to explore yourself. You are free to view this video at any time if you are confused. If any anomalies arise that are not the fault of any data copies, you and the other residents will of course be informed. Have a pleasant virtual life; you will receive a mission within the week." The video ends.

The TV screen switches to 'Xbox Live', and the wireless controller on your bedside table begins blinking. You pick it up. After a brief tutorial on how to interact with the screen, you are presented with a number of other people who have woken up and are listed on the Live service. You can speak to them with a headset nearby. With your pocket communicator in hand, you set out to explore this place-- and see who else is stuck in this place with you.

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